The best jeans on the market.

Why do our jeans take so long to produce? The reason is that jeans are one of the most complex pieces of clothing to produce. First, the denim must be custom-made by a local mill to match our specific needs. Then, we need to develop precise sizing that compensates for the shrinkage during the washing process. Next we cut the denim to match these patterns. Once this is completed, we are finally able to stitch them together.

Fading & Washing

They are precisely sanded, sprayed, and stained by experienced artisans to give them the rich color we are famous for. All of our blue jeans start as a dark denim blue, so an extremely intense and difficult process is needed to age them into our perfect clay indigo wash.


Workers silkscreen the exact distressing pattern onto the jeans. After this, an expert with a very gentle hand meticulously uses a rotary tool to scrub off the top denim leaving the delicate inner threads exposed. Then the custom-made patches must be added. The jeans are cut along their side seams and the patches are inserted into the distressing holes. A worker then carefully stitches close to the edge and ends by stitching the side seams back together.


A rivet press is used to add our custom molded zinc alloy buttons and medallion to every pair of jeans we make. After this the genuine leather tags are slowly stitched into place. Now it’s time for our secret ingredient. We turn the jeans inside out and  scrub the entire inside with a hard bristle brush to bring out the buttery soft feel our jeans are known for. 


The jeans are heat pressed for several minutes on the distressing points to straighten the elastic threads. They are then thoroughly rinsed and washed to remove any remaining fading treatments. Next the jeans are measured by our quality check station. Then they are finally ironed and packaged. Depending on the style, nearly 4 hours of expert labor can go into a single pair of jeans. Compare this to a typical tee that takes about 25 minutes from start to finish.


The biggest change coming with this release! We have partnered with the established shipping agent Superbuy to photograph every single order we send out for this batch and to verify that all measurements match our sizing charts. Every customer will have HD photos emailed to them to confirm their item quality before shipment.


We are now working with new factories for: Denim washing, tees/hoodies/shirts, caps, belts, metal hardware, leather tags, and patch materials. These factories are 3-4x the size of our previous partners. Not only will we massively increase speed, we will also be increasing production quality since these factories are vastly more experienced in the specialty techniques used to make our clothing.

Split Shipments

We are now offering an option at checkout to ship all of the items in your order (except for the jeans) early for you to enjoy while waiting on the jeans to finish up production.

Perfect Sizing

With last release, many light color jeans were too small. This is because the factory did not correctly compensate for the size shrinkage that happens during the extreme washing process needed to fade our jeans. We will properly compensate for this shrinkage so all of our items will consistently follow our detailed sizing charts.


Our customer support agent now works full time and around the clock to help with placing an order, resolving an issue, or answering any general inquiries.


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