How we're improving this batch

Production Speed

This batch is on track to be one of the fastest yet because we will be producing samples at the same time that we are mass producing our items. This means that while we are working on perfecting the fading for our denim, we will be stitching jeans in mass and manufacturing tags and accessories so no time is wasted on waiting for samples.

New Warehouse

We have found a new warehouse for specialized order fulfillment due to our warehouse last batch shipping slowly, sending the wrong items, and further issues. This is unacceptable which is why we are completely restructuring the way that we ship orders. We will also immediately send out a tracking email once the order is shipped so you will know exactly when your order will arrive.

More Durable Tags/Construction

We will be using a new manufacturer for our tags so that they are made using higher quality materials and processes. This makes sure that they won’t fade and will be more durable.

We are also using new techniques to make sure our MX1 leather pleats pop out perfectly and better QC to ensure appliques and patches are attached correctly.